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Foundry Seminar 2011

Seminar iz livarstva 2011 Seminar iz livarstva 2011 Seminar iz livarstva 2011 Seminar iz livarstva 2011





In organization of SFS, TMF and ELKEM company, Ceremonial Hall of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Belgrade (TMF), on May 2011 hosted international seminar in the field of foundry with forth mentioned topics and lecturers.

Mr Sc. Smiljan Hren,B.Sc.
Croatian Foundry Association

B.Sc. Gordana Gojsević Marić, Elkem As, Zagreb
Nodular Cast Iron production

B.Sc. Sabahudin Kermo, EKW-Kremen Novo Mesto
Lecturing related to strengthening and maintenance of casting pots with new dry mass from manufacturing program of EKW-Kremen

B.Sc. Gordana Gojsević Marić, Elkem As, Zagreb
Faults and possible solutions for Grey and Nodular Iron castings

Prof Dr. Faruk Unkić, Faculty of Metallurgy Sisak
Inoculation of Grey and Nodular Cast Iron

Seminar was well attended with significant interest and activities of the participants.

Pictures from seminar can be found here.