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Foundry seminar

In cooperation of The University of Ljubljana- Faculty of Natural Science and Engineering,University of Belgrade-Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy and Serbian Foundrymen Society in the ceremonius room of TMF on January 15th,2008.foundry seminar was upholded.

The topics of the seminar related to the DTA analyses of alloys during their cooling and solidification and to casting proces simulation (developed by ESI-group). Curriculum can be seen below.


University of Belgrade Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy
Serbian Foundrymen Society
University of Ljubljana Faculty of Natural Science and Engineering
TMF Beograd
Srpsko livacko drustvo
University of Ljubljana


11 - 11.45h

DTA analysis of Gray Iron Primo3 Mrvar, Jo3ef Medved, Mitja Petric B.Sc.


12 - 12.45h

Heat and Thermal analysis of Al-alloys Jo3ef Medved, Primo3 Mrvar, Maja Voncina B.Sc.


13 - 13.30h



13.30 - 14.15h

Total solution for casting technologies – Virtual foundry

Mitja Petric B.Sc., DrSc. Primo3 Mrvar, Dr.Sc. Jo3ef Medved


14.30 - 15.15h

Development of the slope gravity die casting of the complex casting by he use of the casting process simulation

Almir Mahmutovia B.Sc., Mitja Petric B.Sc., Primo3 Mrvar, Dr.Sc. Jo3ef Medved


15.30h Coktail and refreshment party