<h3>Serbian Foundrymen's Society</h3>
<p>is a non-profit professional organization that deals with the improvement of metal casting</p> <h3>SLD consists of numerous entities in the field of metal casting</h3>
<p>linking relevant national professional associations, organizations and institutes working on solving strategic problems in this area</p> <h3>Organization of seminars, conferences, congresses</h3>
<p>Enabling all stakeholders permanent and professional information, training, further education</p> <h3>Representation of stakeholders interests</h3>
<p>With our excellent contacts and references we offer help in communication with government bodies and international professional organizations</p>

SFS services

Hereby we inform interested members-foundry that SFS is able to offer the following services:

a) Creating main and designs for requirements of metal casting industry

b) Marketing and consulting services

c) Organizing professional courses with the following topics:

  • Simulating casting processes, i.e. demo presentation of relevant MagmaSoft packages,
  • Metal and alloy smelting,
  • Creating molds and cores,
  • Different technologies and casting procedures,
  • Casting errors – causes and remedy methods

Aforementioned professional courses may be conducted in your premises or in premises of the Society, in accordance with agreement.

To the interested parties, SFS also offers full IT service which includes the following:

  • Supplying full and computer infrastructure,
  • Hardware and software maintenance for small and medium-sized enterprises,
  • Computer protection against viruses and other malware penetrations,
  • Networking computers within the enterprise and Internet presentation,
  • Creating and maintaining Web presentation,
  • Creating storage, file and print server,
  • Developing safety informatics structure of the enterprise