<h3>Serbian Foundrymen's Society</h3>
<p>is a non-profit professional organization that deals with the improvement of metal casting</p> <h3>SLD consists of numerous entities in the field of metal casting</h3>
<p>linking relevant national professional associations, organizations and institutes working on solving strategic problems in this area</p> <h3>Organization of seminars, conferences, congresses</h3>
<p>Enabling all stakeholders permanent and professional information, training, further education</p> <h3>Representation of stakeholders interests</h3>
<p>With our excellent contacts and references we offer help in communication with government bodies and international professional organizations</p>


On 7th of March 2008, in TMF conference hall, a Serbian Foundrymen Society founding assembly has been held. The ceremony has been attended, amongst numerous guests from the industry and the institute, by minister Predrag Bubalo, president of municipality of Palilula B. Sc. Danilo Basic, dean of TMF prof. Ph. D. Ivanka Popovic, chief of MI department prof. Ph. D. Karlo Raic, city house councilor Dusko Janicijevic and others. Besides reaching the decisions regarding questions of personnel, organization and program of the association, it has been decided that the offices of the Society will be situated at Metal Casting Laboratories of TMF, in Belgrade. With the official decree No. 130-024-00-00605/2008-07 from 16th May 2008, issued by ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-government, the Society has been officially registered.

Srpsko livacko drustvo

Founding assembly, 7th of March 2008

Association of metal casters of NR Srbija, was first founded in 1952. in Belgrade. The creator of the association, architect and protagonist of organized acting of metal casting profession in these parts in general was, now deceased professor Milan B. Pajevic. On the very same year the 1st congress of metal casters of NR Srbija has been held in Belgrade. Throughout the years the association has been changing its name, working actively and motivationally in founding of and cooperating with other metal caster associations of all of the republics of ex-Yugoslavia. The best witness to those activities is the fact that in 1969 Belgrade was the host for 36th International Foundry Congress with 1050 delegates from 29 countries of the World, from Japan to USA.

After the tragic events and the breaking apart of the country, when most of the foundries were not working because of the lack of resources and financial support, the work of the association fades. As all of the countries of the World, and as well as the countries in our neighborhood possess these types of associations, our intention is to renew the work after this long period, considering the great importance of metallurgy as an industry, as well as metal casting as an important member of that team.

The goal and purpose of Association existence is in connecting all profession-oriented and other interested parties, to a unified organized whole, in order to solve ongoing and strategically important projects and tasks. The accent will be on education and thorough informing, in order to reduce the technological gap which grew in the meantime. Expected activities will include professional seminars, courses, symposiums, publication of professional-oriented magazine “Livarstvo”, certifications and issuing of diplomas, making of case studies and projects, and all of the other activities permitted and defined by law. The realization of the aforementioned will we done with help from Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade, relevant companies, institutes and associations from our country and abroad. We are hopefully expecting support from domestic socio-politic organizations as well.