<h3>Serbian Foundrymen's Society</h3>
<p>is a non-profit professional organization that deals with the improvement of metal casting</p> <h3>SLD consists of numerous entities in the field of metal casting</h3>
<p>linking relevant national professional associations, organizations and institutes working on solving strategic problems in this area</p> <h3>Organization of seminars, conferences, congresses</h3>
<p>Enabling all stakeholders permanent and professional information, training, further education</p> <h3>Representation of stakeholders interests</h3>
<p>With our excellent contacts and references we offer help in communication with government bodies and international professional organizations</p>

"Serbian Foundrymen Society" is a non-profit profession-oriented organization whose main goals are:

  • Connecting all profession-oriented and other interested parties, to a unified organized whole, with the aim of promoting mutual cooperation, information exchange and collaboration with the goal of solving ongoing and strategically significant projects.
  • Affiliation of all the people which are in any way connected to or working within the area of metal casting.
  • Organization of seminars and professional courses, training and additional education of metal casting personnel in TMF foundry, Metal Casting Laboratory, TMF, Belgrade University and other interested metal casting foundries, institutes, etc.
  • Cooperation and association with relevant domestic professional associations, organizations, institutes and alike.
  • Membership in and connecting with European and World organizations and associations of this type (WFO, CAEF)
  • Organizing of professional, commercial and educational gatherings realized through guest appearances by prominent domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, experts and scientists from areas of metal casting and other related disciplines.
  • Publishing of an appropriate professional-commercial magazine, which would help strengthen inter-relations, and promote development and affirmation of engineers and researchers.
  • Identification and representation of interests of the trait and members of the society in front of the State and other official and individual parties.
  • Help and organization of issuing ecological and other work permits to all interested parties in the area of metal casting
  • Organization and help with all of the specialty problems and questions of those who are starting in or are in a period of beginning with metal casting work, as well as professionals.
  • All of the other duties and rights not explicitly written in this short summary, and are allowed and applicable by law for this type of an association.